Services Italiano

Marnati S.r.l. offers good quality services, with guarantee of punctuality in the deliveries, speed in the transport and in the laying.
All the settings are realized by specialized staff that operate with adequate instruments and according to the law.

Design: the elaboration of plans, after having verified situations and needs through rigorous inspections, is realized combining creativity and experience, through sketches, prototypes and simulations.

Realization: the realization phase of internal or external plans combines technology and manual ability, constant quality and respect of the pre-established delivery times, with a high level of finishes.

Upkeep: Marnati S.r.l. offers a complete program of indoor and outdoor upkeep:
Indoor upkeep is made once a month and contains:
Wetting, cleaning and leaves glazing, substrate control and accessories control, pruning, bend and fertilization according to the needs, dead or suffering plants substitution.
We leave a stamped intervention coupon.

Outdoor upkeep in realized 7/10 times a year or it's personalized according to the needs and contains:
Hay field with mulching method, cleaning weed, flowering cleaning, pruning and seasonal fertilization, if necessary disinfestations.
We leave a stamped intervention coupon.