Gardening Italiano

It is an art that comes from the old Persia, the Greece, then from the culture of China and Japan, through the formal beauty of the Italian and French Renaissance, until the naturalistic Romanticism of England, until the modern urban discipline and the contemporary gardens.

An art that communicates our profound link with the nature, to which we have to be grateful for its daily presents.

Marnati S.r.l., strong of this link and of the important experience, offers a rigorous service with inspections and free quotations, realizations made by specialized staff to create a green space in your own image.

Marnati S.r.l. effectuates interventions of ground handling, irrigation system, garden flooring, stone bed, standard trees pruning with lifting platform.

Marnati S.r.l. guarantees the quality of its interventions through strict controls after selling, for consumer purchase protection.